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SpringMicro is your one stop solution for asset tracking improvements for your entire organization.

How would you like to know what is spent on assests for a particular department, location or your entire organizations inventory? SpringMicro provides everything you need to make this happen. How much would you save by having accurate depreciation numbers for all your tax needs? How much longer would each assest last if you were alerted anytime a PM (preventative maintenance) was late, or worse, skipped altoghter? Now you can control what is too expensive to NOT control! SpringMicro's newest software, AssestManager will allow you track everything in one spot.

SpringMicro provides everything from serialized labels to mark your assests, to inventory asset software, to reports that will give you a world of information about your assests.
Track you assests no matter how big or how small. AssetManager is easy to use, easy to install and the perfect way to track everything that is important to you.

Free Webinar Tours

Please feel free to reach out to us via email, to schedule a time where we can walk you through the software via web conference. We'll be happy to show you around the system, and answer all your questions.
Remember, we also offer custom programming, for those specialty items that you maybe wishing for.